of the hippocrass,” said the monk; “I must take a note

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"This Land of Saints,' and then as the applause died out,

of the hippocrass,” said the monk; “I must take a note

"Of plaster Saints'; his beautiful mischievous head thrown back.

of the hippocrass,” said the monk; “I must take a note

Standish O'Grady supporting himself between the tables

of the hippocrass,” said the monk; “I must take a note

Speaking to a drunken audience high nonsensical words;

Augusta Gregory seated at her great ormolu table,

Her eightieth winter approaching: "Yesterday he threatened my life.

I told him that nightly from six to seven I sat at this table,

The blinds drawn up'; Maud Gonne at Howth station waiting a train,



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