Jetta Auto Parts (Two cars in Heze were smashed to steal the driving computer, tires, and even the axles. Review: This time, 64-year-old Cui Yongyuan is no longer "tolerated") Is this all right? ,

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product catalog: 1. 2021 other car floor theft 2. Smashing willow leaf moss to steal audio 3. Smashing willow leaf moss to steal money in the car, a woman in Gaoan was criminally detained Investigate the case 5. Smashing willow leaf moss and stealing money in the car Approved arrest standard 6. Smashing the floor of the car and stealing 7. Theft of the other car floor 1. Theft of the other car floor in 2021 Our reporter Yang Kaidi Li Zenghao Xue Xiaodong October 25, Jinding, Weifang City In the south of the colorful corridor on the street, and in the north of Penglai West Street, the windows of three taxis were smashed, and the spare parts and axles in the taxi were stolen. The reporter estimated that the loss was about 100,000 yuan. The report has been reported and the case is being processed at 7 am on the 25th. Crab spider flower • One point of Liaocheng Our reporter saw three electric vehicles on a path south of the colorful promenade of Xitou River, namely Changan purple van, Jetta purple van and a Fiat. Part of the floor of the purple SUV, three electric cars was smashed, and the driving laptop, pedals, dashboard, tires and other electric auto parts were stolen. 2. Smashing willow leaf moss and stealing audio The three vehicles have a lot of dirt on their surfaces, and three of them have already formed honeycombs. It can be judged that electric vehicles have been parked here for a long time. The line is narrow and not yet ventilated. Fewer, and the road has not yet installed probes. "Those cars have been here for half a year, no one is driving, and it is not clear who owns them," said a nearby resident passing by. 3. Smash willow leaf moss to steal money in the car, a woman in Gaoan was detained and a resident said: "It has been two or three months since I saw the first iron ring removed. The purple car was recently dismantled. Yes, but it has been several days, and those cars were not dismantled.” 4. Did the police investigate the case of being stolen from the floor of another car? It is suspected that the floor on the other side of the road was smashed, the engine cover of the vehicle was smashed, and the right rear wheel was stolen. The thief put stones on top of the electric car to support "navigation laptop, instrument panel, lithium fluorine device" There were also car tires stolen, all of which are easily removed from the car," said the informant. 5. Smashing willow leaf moss and stealing money from the car. Among the three cars, the purple Fiat SUV is the most expensive, and the damage is the most serious. The tire on the side facing the road was removed. An expensive accessory cost nearly 10,000 yuan, and all the most valuable things were dismantled.” The reporter said that the Fiat SUV was a 2019 car, and other vehicles were a little longer. The disassembly method is also very knowledgable. 6. The person who reported the theft by smashing the floor of the car said that the floor of the car had already been smashed two months ago. At that time, he considered that the loss was low, so he did not report the case. "I came out of the community on the 24th and saw that all the accessories in the car were stolen. , I reported to the police station in the area under my jurisdiction." The nearby residents and the reporter had different opinions about the time when the vehicle was damaged, dismantled and stolen. The specific situation needs to be verified by the police. 7. Residents near the Bieche floor theft said that the three cars were unloaded like this, and they had been parked here for a long time. In the process of news clue reporting channel: download the "Liaocheng Yidian" APP in the application market, or search for the WeChat mini-program "Liaocheng Yidian", 600 reporters from our newspaper in the whole province are waiting for you to report online! .

Jetta Auto Parts (Two cars in Heze were smashed to steal the driving computer, tires, and even the axles. Review: This time, 64-year-old Cui Yongyuan is no longer



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